Video: Belle FP1 multitasking na Nokiji 700

Odnedavno je dostupna nadogradnja za Belle uređaje druge generacije (Nokia 603, 700 i 701). Feature Pack 1 donio je neke nove stvari u Belle. Osim što su Nokia 70 i 701 dobili veći radni takt procesora (sa 1 GHz na 1.3 GHz) Belle je sada mnogo fluidniji, a upravljanje memorijom, baterijom, multitasking su optimizirani.

Pogledajte video u kojem je demonstriran multitasking na Nokiji 700. Multitasking nije samo mogućnost rada više aplikacija u pozadini već i mogućnost brzog prebacivanja s jedne aplikacije na drugu. Belle FP1 to radi jako dobro.

Na Nokiji 700 su istovremeno uključene 3 igre (Incredible Circus, Dungeon Hunter 2 HD and Sparkle), 2 web preglednika (Symbian 8.2 i Opera Mini 6.5), video aplikacija (Nokia Trailers), facebook(fMobi), CNN, WRC aplikacija i PDF preglednik (Smart Office).

Via MyNokiaBlog

  • hmm

    not windows or symbian not buying

    • Every comment is a valid one, but you can not expect from Nokia to put Symbian back to devices. That OSis long gone, and probably just sitting on some server at the Accenture.

      Windows is another story, and I don’t believe Nokia will again go with it, unless full Windows become compatible with smartpones what is the final intention of Microsoft (at least I wish to think that it is).

      So, for now Android is the best choice. But, if you were to mentioned Sailfish os, then I would support you, but that os is still in the works so don’t believe it will find its place on soon to be released Nokia smartphones.

  • Rce

    Finally,the official statement..

    • yes, now the countdown to MWC begins 🙂

      • Rce

        Yes,waiting for an Killer from the King..

    • It is not official, but surely it’s the first time someone mentioned time frame. Let count down 🙂

      • It is official, because 2017 is stated in the official documentation 🙂

        • Sort of, still no official statement (from HMD) regarding this. It is official to me, though 🙂