Wazapp, neslužbeni Whatsapp za N9, odgođen na neko vrijeme!

Vjerujem da je velika većina N9 vlasnika s nestrpljenjem očekivala 01.05 kada je Wazapp, odnosno neslužbena WhatsApp aplikacija trebala biti objavljena. Ali dogodilo se suprotno i slila se ogromna količina gnjevnih poruka na talk.meamo.org upućenih kreatoru aplikacije (tgalal). On se danas oglasio i dao objašnjenje u kojem se ispričava svima koji su vjerovali da će Wazapp biti dostupan na obećani datum. Navodno je većina „bug“-ova otklonjena ali je ostao problem registracije broja korisnika (slanje SMS-a na telefonski broj korisnika).

Prenosim vam odgovor tgalal-a svima:

„Hi, I just want to clarify something. Basically the only reason I set May 1 as a release date, wasn’t because the app was ready to be released, actually I had tons of bugs and work to do to make it actually usable by public without sucking. The only reason I set that date as a target was to force myself to fix all those issues before May 1, because otherwise it would have taken me like another month to do so. And I did fix all the issues I intended to fix on time, and was fully aiming to release a beta at that date. However when it came to testing a real scenario that included registration (which I rarely test) more things came up causing the delay. One of the things for example is that whatsapp registration code via SMS for some reason takes A LOT of time to arrive (I requested one yesterday which hasn’t arrived yet), which makes me think of adding voice request as a fallback registration method.

So yes maybe I shouldn’t have announced May 1 as a release date unless I was sure about it, but if I haven’t done so, it most probably would have been next month or something, while right now it should take only some hours of work to get it ready. But anyway I owe you an apology for not releasing it at that date and I hope no one is still mad at me “

Originalni link talk.maemo.org

Nadam se da će “Wazapp” biti brzo spreman za širu javnost.