Dostupna nova verzija Nokia Store QML aplikacije v3.30.012 za Belle uređaje

Prošli tjedan su Nokia Beta Labs izdali novu beta verziju QML Nokia Store aplikacije za Symbian Belle uređaje, kojom su sređeni neki manji problemi unutar same aplikacije. Od danas je dostupna stabilna verzija v3.30.012 putem OTA (Over The Air), te je možete preuzeti u aplikaciji za ažuriranje softvera, ili pokrenite Nokia Suite. Nadogradnja je velika 5.1 MB.


Via ST

  • Hemedans

    Why mediatek? Am dissapointed, i thought they will use sd425.

    This means people will start to complain about malware all over the internet, forced ads, virus, no updates, no custom rom etc.

    • The use of Mediatek processor is a bit disappointing, but spec vise we need to see first tests. Nokia promised that the Android will be secure and fast, so there should be no problem l with malware… O also expected a Snapdragon processor there, but to reach that price this was probably the only solution?.

      • you know what. I am getting over my anger and now i am starting to like the designs of Nokia 3 and 5 after watching the video agaion and again. You guys weren’t at MWC? The other team of yours?

        • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge

          Why that anger? I think they are good products for their price range (in fact, within the great brands, they are the best)…

          • i am not angry lol

          • yes lol. I am not angry any more 🙂 Nokia 3 has Nokia Lumia 925 esque to it. Nokia 3 is the most beautiful of all 3. 🙂

          • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge

            I totally agree.

    • Rce

      And then with this it’ll fight against redmi 3s,redmi note 4,moto g turbo etc..