WP8 će imati podršku za hrvatski jezik ali i ostale jezike u okolnom području!

Sa puštanjem SDK za WP8 nadogradnju, na svjetlo dana su izašle sve male tajne koje je Microsoft odlično čuvao. O razlogu curenja informacija moglo bi se dodatno razglabati, ali sada je jasno što će doći sa novom nadogradnjom te se postavlja pitanje što će Microsoft prezentirati na službenom predstavljanju Windows Phone 8 sustava.

Ono što smo saznali, zahvaljujući našem čitatelju Stipi, je da će napokon WP8 imati podršku za hrvatski jezik. Također će imati podršku za slovenski, srpski koliko smo uspjeli vidjeti u videu koji je osvanuo na Youtube-u.

Pogledajte video:

Hvala Stipi na dojavi 🙂


    • Hmm. Ok. Thanks 🙂

      • it does support that feature lol. The twitter admin is smart 😛

    • That’s a false info. The Twitter team says the Facebook one made a mistake. No Glance on Nokia 3, 5, 6 :/

      • what do you think?? does it have that feature or not? i feel the facebook team is correct 🙂 i also asked them about double tap to wake but they didn’t reply 😛

        • If they are going pure android, which they are, then no. We will see when the review unit arrives.

          • Pure Android is fine but few useful extra features are nice to have. Moto phones have shake to turn on flash and this is very useful and twist to launch camera is nice too especially when we don’t get a dedicated camera key 🙂

          • Maybe they will add these stuff on the go. For me personally, the most imoprtant thing is smooth performance. For other things you can download an app.

          • Having an inbuilt feature is better than downloading an app for it 🙂 I am fine if i don’t get pure android on my phone as i don’t like android much. I’ll just use it for music, camera, social media, reading articles on nokiamob.net, mynokiablog.com, AAWP, NPUser and phone calls. 🙂 I want my phone to feel like a Nokia phone more than an android handset. Extra features from Nokia made Lumia a success. 🙂 I hope to see many exciting features in future OS updates 🙂

          • @disqus_Fwhc13VCQT:disqus @god_of_chaos:disqus We concluded that the phones do have glance only while charging or being docked, and that is an Android 7 Nougat feature.

          • God of chaos

            I watched a Nokia 6 review in a language that sounded vaguely spanish, and the reviewer pointed out that the 6 has double-click-the-power-key-to-launch-camera shortcut. So, no dedicated shutter key, but similar functionality.

  • i can’t see it in video 🙁