Beta Labs prestaje razvijati Wellness Diary aplikaciju

Beta Labs su najavili kako završavaju s daljnjim razvojem Wellness Diary aplikacije, a sve kako bi se usredotočili na buduće apalikacije bazirane na lokacijskim uslugama. No kako bi udovoljili korisnicima aplikacija će i dalje biti u funkciji ali bez novih nadogradnji nakon 01.01.2013. godine.

Evo što su rekli:

We have made the decision to discontinue the Wellness Diarytrial at the end of this year. Wellness Diary has been a beta service for the monitoring of your day-to-day wellness, helping you to build healthy habits into your daily routine.

We are now concluding the trial, and are very grateful to all Nokia Beta Labs users for the feedback, suggestions and insights on Wellness Diary and for all the lessons we learned from it. At this time, however, we will not turn the service into a commercial product as we continue to focus on our core service offerings and to further increase our investments in location-based services as an area of competitive differentiation for Nokia products.

Even though we will discontinue the Wellness Diary trial, you will continue to have access to your data and will also be able to use the service if you wish to. From 1 January 2013 onwards, however, we won’t continue updating the service and there will be no connection to other services or support for it.  

Thank you for using and contributing to the Wellness Diary trial! Your participation has been very valuable for us.

Your Wellness Diary team