Damian Dinning potvrđuje LED bljeskalicu na Lumiji 920 (Pureview)

Jedan mogući manjak Pureview Lumije 920 je među Nokia fanovima bila upotreba LED bljeskalice umijesto Xenon bljeskalice koja je superiornija. Nokia je koristila Xenon u svojim kamera uređajima N8 te unaprijeđenu verziju u Nokiji 808, te bi upotreba LED bljeskalice bila korak u natrag, ili ipak ne?

Damian Dinning, šef odjela fotografije u Nokiji, je poslao poruku preko twittera kako su LED bljeskalice znatno unaprijeđene te mogu postići mnogo bolje rezultate od prethodnih korištenih kod Lumija i Symbian uređaja. Time je i definitivn potvrđena upotreba LED-a kao izvora osvjetljenja za prvi Pureview WP8 uređaj.

Nedostatak Xenona kod Pureview Lumije nam ne predstavlja neki razlog zašto bi fanovi odustali od kupnje Lumije 920. Dapače, LED troši manje bateriju od Xenona, što će doprinjeti dužoj neovisnosti uređaja. Što vi mislite?


Via Mynokiablog


  • Hemedans

    So it is sd660 and not 650, your heading say 650.

    Am glad they use 14nm and 10nm soc, for the sake of good battery life

    • Thank you, it’s corrected know. I was surprised how good with battery the S835 is on Galaxy S8. Expected that the 3000mAh won’t last long, but nobody had anything bad to say about batter life, in contrary.

      • Hemedans

        Yah, and even with 3000mah, soc like sd630 will provide good battery life. I just Hope they use bigger battery in Nokia 7 and destroy again battery benchmarks like lumia 1520 Did.

        • EricLovesSymbian

          EricLovesSymbian says:

          In my opinion, I think if Nokia is planning to come out with a phone around September, it better push the latest Google software with it. Because by September or October, Android O will be implemented in Android phones. If Nokia uses nougat, it’ll be viewed as using 11 month old software in a brand new just released phone. This is NOT a good thing … The public eye will view this as a type of complacency on behalf of Nokia! And haters will jump on the bandwagon talking $#!T about Nokia.

          Also, Snapdragon 835 will have been out for about 6 months by September or October 2017. So putting in today’s awesome processor will look silly if it’s placed in a flagship phone (meant to compete with xynos and fusion, and Chinese phones that have used it long before Nokia) by the end of the year…

          Also, battery life… It’s awesome that Android OS is trying to emulate the incredible phenomenal efficiency and optimizations of our beloved Symbian, but ultimately, with data and connectivity, a proper 3550mAh – 3980 mAh battery would be an absolute necessity!

          (Or just make it 3600 or 4000 mAh and call it a day)

          (Disclaimer: I just copied and pasted my comment from Jay’s site)

    • Hemedans

      I think it is underclocked laptop or mini pc desktop, that i7 4700HQ can not be inside a phone or tablet.

      • Ohh OK!! Thanks 🙂

      • EricLovesSymbian

        EricLovesSymbian says:

        I really liked the way you defended Nokia on phone arena.

        Nice to see someone that knows the facts and can logically make statements that are based in reality as opposed to some nonsense that so many uninformed people post.

        Good job …

        • Hemedans

          thanks, but i knew many things from you guys, back at mynokiablog days,

  • Rocky

    Actually, I think the leaked promo video isn’t really “official” , for example the lockscreen UI is from Android KitKat

    • The guy that published it works for HMD (as a contractor) and said in description that’s an early video about the phones, probably meant for internal usage. The authenticity was also confirmed when he took the video down, and the phone (dual-lens one) is in consistency with everything we saw and heard. But if it is a concept video, it is like the best one we have ever seen. 🙂