Fotogalerija Lumije 920 i 820 sa dodatnom opremom

Pogledajte jedne od prvih fotografija Lumija 920 i 820 u živo s dodatnom opremom u vidu Fatboy pillow punjača i standardnog DT-900 punjača. Fotografije je objavio Nokia Conversations blog.


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  • I asked Nokia Mobile on Facebook who owns the tech behind the Smart amplifier and they said that they cannot share that info at the moment.
    I found this about the amplifier:

    • Rocky

      Great, according to Wikipedia NXP semiconductor already acquired by Qualcomm (on progress)

  • Also, the 5 and 6 have Smart amplifier (TFA9891) with Dolby Atmos®. I think that’s Nokia’s in-house technology.

  • Jep. A strong and valuable brand.

  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    I completely agree with you!
    Using Nova launcher, and some other apps, I did my best to make it look like, and resemble symbian Belle FP2

  • Pure Android is not great. 🙂 I don’t agree. We can’t get complete dark theme on stock Android. Which i will miss the most.

  • If you loved Symbian, you should love Android because it is similar in many ways.
    If it would have Nokia Pure fonts it would be great, but those fonts were made for low resolution and small diagonal screens

    • I never personally owned a Symbian Smartphone. My 1st Nokia was based on S40 OS. I have used old S60 devices such as Nokia 5233, 5800 and many other keypad phones running S60 OS as my friends had those. I agree that Android is somewhat similar to Symbian but its not as good as Symbian. There are few things i dont like in Android. Not all apps can be moved to SD Card and i see duplicate contacts in contacts list (Whatsapp contacts + saved contacts)
      WP8.1 was as simple as Symbian 🙂

      • Hemedans

        One thing i miss most from Nokia past os like symbian and meego is multitasking. Neither android nor wp8.1 can multitask like symbian.

        Seems sailfish is good in multitasking too, i just wish HMD wilk make even one phone to run sailfish.

      • EricLovesSymbian

        EricLovesSymbian says:

        It is truly such a shame what happened to symbian.
        If you had symbian Belle FP2, you would have a similar emotional attachment as I have.

      • Rocky

        That’s depending on the contact apps. My contacts app (default one) does it great, showing one contact and if it has another detail for same number (like WhatsApp or Telegram), it will be in the contact’s detail

  • Which OS do you guys like?? W10M or Android?
    I hate Android and this is the reason i don’t want to buy new Nokia smartphones. But I also want to buy a new Nokia smartphone bcoz its a Nokia and i can’t handle WP 8.1 anymore. 🙁
    I hate you Steve Ballmer and Stephen Elop for ruining everything 🙁
    Why should i buy an Android device just for Nokia brand. What else do i get other than that plate in between. 🙁 I am saying this for the brand i love the most. But its not Nokia its HMD GLOBAL OY. 🙁
    Feeling Confused, Feeling Angry, Feeling Upset, Feeling Emotional

    • Sincerely, I’m not so much into the OS thing. I really don’t care so much if the OS is doing fine. WM8.1 was great os, and Win10M definitely isn’t.
      I have LG G3 for two years now and it is working fine. Got the apps, it is rather quick and I restarted it just once. Sailfish looks great also, and I don’t mind Win10. I care for hardware more, because the software is always easier to adapt and it can disappear easily.

      • Yes i agree with you. Even i care more for hardware but we might not get PureView, PureMotion HD+, CBD, HAAC from Nokia/HMD Global. I hope we get those on Nokia 9. 🙂
        But, i don’t like Android. (T_T) 😛

        • EricLovesSymbian

          EricLovesSymbian says:

          I understand buddy… I am right there with you.
          As such, October 2014 I bought my first Android phone, just to see what Android was.
          Since then, I’ve bought about 6 more. (A few LG phones, ZTE, BLU, and I think Alcatel)

          Except for the first two phones, all others have Nova launcher, true phone, HTC sense clock, Asus file manager, black player and stelio and about ten other music apps (non of which are as good as symbian), and some other apps. I tried to learn how to use Android and to be honest, I still dislike it.

          I have a Blu phone I currently use (just over six months or so) and another three Nokia 808 phones in museum quality condition in the drawer.

          I had no option. I would never contribute one cent to a phone with a Microsoft OS in it (due to what they did to Nokia) and I personally hate Apple with a passion (I respect the company though).

          As of now, we have two options.
          Apple iOS or Android.

          Make sure any Android phone you buy has at least 2 GB of RAM (no matter what)

          These stupid phones lag and the OS is still years behind symbian!

          Android O seems to have a lot of potential… As years go by, apple and Android are resembling symbian more and more (especially under the hood with optimizations, battery usage, etc)

          • Actually not all android phones with less that 2gigs of ram lag under normal use. 😛 I have a Nokia X(512 MB RAM) which still runs as smooth as new. 😛 But it only has 1 app installed and that is Amazon and the phone lags only after I open that 1 app 😛 Other than that, its super smooth. 😛 But I have not installed anything else and I don’t even have a micro sd card in it. So, that might be the reason. 🙂

          • Rocky

            Actually that’s because Nokia X doesn’t include Google services

          • As I understand, it’s good if you don’t install anything? Lol 😀

          • That is being used as a home phone. so no need of any apps on it. BTW i forgot to mention WhatsApp 😛 WhatsApp is also installed on it. LOL

          • I will never buy a new/used phone of other brands. (Dirt cheap deals are an exception :P) If i buy a phone its only a Nokia.
            I might settle with Nokia 3 or Nokia 5.
            Nokia mobile yesterday tweeted about the pricing of Nokia 6 Arte Black which in INR translates to 21k. Looking at the pricing of Nokia 3310 in India, i think all Nokia phones will be priced lower than other countries. So if Nokia 6 Arte Black is 20k than the Nokia 6 will be around 15k which will push Nokia 5 pricing below 12k and Nokia 3 below 9k. They will have to keep at least 3k difference n pricing of all their phones.
            15-20 days more till we see them in stores 🙂

        • EricLovesSymbian

          EricLovesSymbian says:

          In the US we have deals sometimes. I bought the LG x power for $10 bucks.
          Bought the ZTE zmax 2 for about $50. Bought the cricket LG risio for $20. Just to see how Android works. To see how much I could customize it.

          I would suggest buying an Android phone for research purposes only. A super cheap one , until the Nokia 9 comes out. And even if the 9 comes out, knowing how me and you are, I don’t think we’llbe happy with the phone due to so many things lacking. You and I are used to perfection from Nokia, jam packed with features! Innovative, cutting edge technology, superior build quality, etc. But if the Nokia 9 will ship under cooked and subpar, I’ll be forced to wait until 2018 for a masterpiece phone from Nokia that is worthy of being called a flagship!

          Hey, buy a used Android phone for a few bucks (Rupee’s, I think) from a friend, or used cell phone place. That way you can familiarize yourself with Android

      • Michael

        As one gets older, one gets..maybe not wiser in my case, but definitely more mellow and open minded.

        I’d love to have all my hardware and software completely integrated in one MS ecosystem, but that can’t happen without major compromises. I can have everything I want with a mixture of MS and Android with 0 compromises. I liked the look and feel of WM 8.1 and tried to make it work with some Android Windows Launchers, but they all have problems, I just stick with Nova Launcher and a fairly boring screen. Wish Microsoft would make WM10 look-and-feel launcher.

        • Yes, Microsoft should make a launcher that looks like W10M and als has those dark and white theme. But then who will switch to W10M if they get same look and feel on their Androids. 🙁

          • Michael

            I think the days of anyone voluntarily switching to WM10 are over. MS might care about keeping existing customers. My feeling is that the hardcore still hanging on are much like EricLovesSymbian and his feeling about Symbian. They will be there till the (near?) end and then hang on as long as possible.

            Then you have users like me that have and use Microsoft services and programs like Office. MS didn’t and won’t, for as long as I can see, lose me as a customer, but I saw the writing on the wall that things were not going to get better from the app world. I’d love to have a Microsoft WM8.1/10 style launcher that also more easily integrates all the other Android Microsoft services and maybe gives a few extra bits of functionality. Not sure how many of us there are.

            As far as what makes these Nokia phones, *Nokia*, it’s going to be the design (probably more from a quality *feel*) and camera tech. This is the year of Nokia name return and hopefully the 9 will be able go toe to two, feature-wise with iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 and then start standing out in the following years. I’ll be getting a Nokia 9. Once/If Nokia phones reach a certain critical mass and *if* health wearable become more sophisticated AND popular, Maybe we see Nokia phones that contain that *little bit something extra* that integrates the two making them must-have devices.

            Maybe at that point, Nokia could come up with new UI paradigm. Not gimmicky, but something natural and fun to use. Maybe use Sailfish! Maybe they are already working on something in their research labs.

            I bet some groundbreaking bit of mobile technology comes out in the next 5 years and I bet Nokia will be associated with it in some way.

          • Completely agree with you. 🙂 A slow start but we will definitely get some groundbreaking stuff in Nokia flagship. They will have to give something extra to the consumers. Lets see what happens in August-September 🙂

          • EricLovesSymbian

            EricLovesSymbian says:

            Well said!
            Very nice, very logical and very well thought out…

    • That’s a controversial question hehe. To be honest, Windows Phone 8.1, now Windows 10 Mobile do have the best looking UI. Clear and simple, especially WP8.1. But Microsoft is treating the OS and users so badly, that I don’t know anyone who would again trust them with mobile. Ballmer was the good guy for phones in my opinion, he bought Nokia because he wanted for Microsoft to be a full flagged phone manufacturer, just like Apple. Nadella doesn’t see Microsoft that way, and he changed direction.
      Also, I’m more into design and build quality than software. 🙂 Don’t mind Android if it works nicely.

      • No. Nadella sees Microsoft as a software company which according to me is correct. Microsoft should do what they are best at. They should have never bought Nokia. Instead spend more money on them and let them make phones for you along with other OS. Anyways they lost all of their market share to android after they purchased Nokia. If they allowed Nokia to make Android phones along with Windows Phones then we would have seen more users switching to Windows rather than WP 8.1 users switching to Android and iOS lol

        • The story behind the acquisition is really complicated and controversial. Many versions and interpretations exist. In February 2011, Nokia and Microsoft signed a contract that Nokia will make Windows Phone their main smartphone platform and Microsoft will pay them for that. The contract was set to expire in February 2014, and Nokia was ready to fully switch to Android because they weren’t satisfied with Microsoft’s OS development. Micorosft was too slow in adding new features and hardware support, so Nokia had to invest Money into making exclusive apps (that should’ve been long integrated into the system) and lagging behind in terms of latest hardware. If Nokia switched to Android, Microsoft’s phone plans would die, and probably no manufacturer would ever again make a Windows smartphone, because if the mighty Nokia didn’t succeed, who would? And Ballmer decided to save Microsoft’s ambition and to buy Nokia, but just like Nokia wanted them to. Nokia retained their patents, hid the design team in Nokia Technologies, and gave Microsoft the permission to use the brand on smartphones for 2 years, and for feature phones for 10 years. From today’s perspective, Nokia scored a great deal and it seems like they planned to return to mobile since the moment they sold the D&S Business.

        • But Nokia was ready to part with Microsoft, because Microsoft was slow at developing Windows Phone. Sales were going down, and shareholders grew in anger. For Microsoft it was less expensive to buy Nokia’s D&S compared to giving more subsidies

          • They didn’t have too keep paying Nokia like before. We would have seen profit results in the same year if Nokia had launched Android phones with google services. Microrodt just had to give them support for a year or so. Nokia would have made Windows as well as Android devices. Has Microsoft done anything good for Loyal fan base? No. Not even a single great device under microsoft.

          • Rocky

            The main reason why Windows Phones still exist because it’s Nokia. Nokia with Android simply mean end for Windows Phones. Just take a look at Lumia sales number after Nokia D&S divison acquisition, more precisely after Microsoft branding

          • Yeah. Thats what i am trying to say.

    • EricLovesSymbian

      EricLovesSymbian says:

      And to answer your questions…

      Hair cuts cost about $12-$35 depending on where you go. I pay $12 plus 3 for tip but a bunch of my colleagues pay close to $40

      Banks… They charge interest at 13.99% or 18.99% for credit cards, and about 4% for a 30 year mortgage

      But, from the other end, they just give about .01% intereste to people saving money in the bank

      Huge rip off!

      • Not just HUGE is MASSIVELY HUGE. We get minimum 4% interest Per year on our normal Savings Bank A/c deposits in banks and i i transfer that amount to fixed deposits for some time frame then we get more that 6% interest depending on the time frame. The longer the period the more the interest rates. Haircuts here cost less than $1 at local barber shop. and if we go to some goo salons then its around $2-$5 😛
        As India is a developing economy and most of the transactions are in cash banks and other financial institutions are providing this much interest to lure more customers. Once this country goes cash less then the rates will be same both in US and India. IMO
        BTW you guys are looted in your own country is what i feel. And we in India keep saying that the government is charging too much in taxes from us lol