JBL PowerUp bežični zvučnik

Nokia je u suradnji sa Harmanom, odnosno JBL-om, osim PlayUp bežičnog zvučnika, jučer predstavila JBL PowerUp bežični zvučnik. Znatno većih dimenzija od manjeg brata, ovaj bežični zvučnik ima slične karakteristike, te kao i PlayUp ima ugrađenu NFC tehnologiju i  povezuje se s uređajem putem Bluetootha u krugu od 10 m.

Uređaj se može, osim putem Bluetootha, spojiti i preko 3,5 mm utora sa bilo kojim drugim uređajem koji ne posjeduje Bluetooth.

PowerUp ima dva 2,5” zvučnika jačine 10 W, a jedinstvenim ga čini što ima Qi standard za bežično punjenje na vrhu. Idealna kombinacija za duže sviranje glazbe a da vam Lumia ne ostane bez struje.

PowerUp dolazi u tri boje, plavoj, crnoj i bijeloj.

Pogledajte demo video JBL PowerUp zvučnika.

Više informacija o uređaju pronađite na službenim Nokia stranicama.

  • Michael

    You guys know I’m upset about the current state of HMD PR for the Nokia brand. Here is something interesting per your company links above:

    http://mindsharepr.com/clients.html http://essencepr.com/clients/

    See anything missing from their current or past clients?

    If HMD is a client and the Nokia Brand is the product, HMD or Nokia missing from that listing shows a complete lack of respect and attention to detail.

    Not sure the Angry Birds CEO was the best guy to bring back the Nokia Brand.

    What do you guys think? Am I being irrational and should give them time or is it getting time to be a bit concerned with efforts. Not often you get a second chance (or really third chance) to make a first impression and so far I am completely unimpressed.

    • Yep, they seems to be slow in updating its pages. Well, I’m also a bit concerned with the PR of HMD Global. Not everything is working as it should and whole the PR are doing portals not the PR agencies.
      We’ll see how it goes in the next year.

      • Michael

        Well, I just blasted off emails to Noka, HMD as well as Essence and Mindshare. Doubt I’ll get anything back. It’s my 4th to Nokia and 3rd to HMD. Still, I feel like I need to voice my investor concerns, not just vent on public forums. 🙂

        • I’ve been trying to contact them but with no luck. Can you imagine that I still cant get Nokia phones for a review. And I couldn’t even buy them until recently.

          Now it is already too late for a review of the Nokia 6, or 5 and 3 for that matter.

          • Michael

            That’s ridiculous and a prime example of where they are failing in areas where they can do very cost effective (i.e. cheap) marketing. It’s very annoying.

            I’ll keep your request in mind on my next email to Nokia/HMD 🙂 Not that my bringing it to their attention will help (although, who knows!), but as another example of where HMD is failing with their marketing.