Lumia 920 osvanula na eBay-u za 900$

Nokia Lumia 920 se pojavila na eBay-u već prvog dana kada su službeno objavljene cijene  iste. Tako je možete pribaviti negdje 100 $ skuplje (899,99 $) od službenih cijena a datum isporuke je kraj listopada. Sam prodavač ima dobre reference s jako malo negativnih te stoga izgleda pouzdanim. Zato, tko želi imati krajem listopada otključanu Lumiju 920 trk na eBay.


  • Stinger

    Can anyone tell me how possible it is for Nokia to dust off Meego and bring it back in a flagship phone? I cannot stress enough how wonderful Meego is to use. SO intuitive. Classic Nokia ergonomics. Does anybody think we’ll see it again?

    • That’s not possible. MeeGo trademark was gifted to the Linux Foundation and some patents were given to Jolla for developing Sailfih. Android has no real alternative at the moment.

      • Stinger

        Thanks Stipe. That’s a real shame though. It was a beautiful and clean UI. Here’s hoping Nokia/HMD will do something like it in the future. (and thanks for correcting me on “MeeGo” upper case letters, ha ha)

        • You’re welcome. I have the N9 and really love the hardware and software :). It wasn’t my intention to correct you, I just wrote it instinctively hehe 🙂

          • Stinger

            I have a black N9! That phone is proof that we don’t need buttons on the front. I strongly believe Nokia would have changed the market with that phone.

            I’m eagerly awaiting the Nokia 9 because I have the N9, ha ha. I’m hoping it will be a leading design.

  • The CEO should have decided about the 4 OSes not the employees. And after Elop came the inside environment changed a bit. 🙂

    • Viccky Maurya

      Elop was 3rd choice for CEO, What if 1st or 2nd would have became CEO???

      • Do you maybe know who the 1st and 2nd were?

        • Viccky Maurya

          The first choice was Sun Microsystems’ co-founder Scott McNealy (he declined), second was long-time Nokia executive Anssi Vanjoki (pulled down by major American investors).

  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    Very nice article.
    A great weekend read.

    It is true that Nokia had a multi-factorial issue, whether internal or external. The main problem is the execution of their solution to these problems (killing off Symbian, killing off meego, going with that undercooked, junk pathetic rancid horrible windows operating system, hiring a diarrhea as a child fella named elop that would later be surrounded by controversy, saying the phone is dead BEFORE it’s released, not posting sales figures for the public to know how well Symbian and the Nokia 808 were thriving, and so much more).

    I think a more subtle approach would have been more beneficial. They knew something in 2005-2008, and in February 2012, they immediately and forcefully cut the plug on too many things. Perhaps waiting an additional 6 months to make certain announcements would have been better (since they already waited over 6 years – what would another 6 months have done?)

    But the whole elop thing really left a sour taste in our mouths. Killing off Symbian and meego and going with an American operating system …

    I don’t know… If only things were different. I really don’t know what’s right or wrong or what should have been done, but I just think the implementation of enforcing the solution was not thought thru thoroughly enough.

    • Symbian was not future proof. They couldn’t have developed further. It would have helped them for shot run though. 🙂 But killing off meego was a disaster.

  • Viccky Maurya
    • EricLovesSymbian

      EricLovesSymbian says:

      Just read it. Read the comments too. Then realized that it’s from FOUR years ago…

      It’s fascinating to see how blind elop was and how little foresight he had. He pushed his garbage junk pathetic rancid horrible windows operating system and now, as of July 2017, latest report says it’s at less than .1% global market share!

      That means feature phones and Symbian have more users worldwide than his garbage half baked windows phone junk he pressed so hard for. What a great salesman he was, fooling people, investors, share holders, his supervisors and board members. Hey elop, next billion? Next market disruption? Sure!
      So incredibly happy to see that the burnt ashes of platform are of junk pathetic windows phone!

      Hopefully he acknowledges this and writes a public statement, saying how horrible it was! And is!

      Hopefully Sailfish operating system will pull thru and become the third operating system. And hopefully it has several elements borrowed from Symbian (like settings, themes, file manager, battery efficiency, and other Nokia optimizations)

      Hey elop, come out publicly and say how horrible windows phone was (all versions – 7.1, 8.0, 8.1, etc)

      • We see now he was wrong going with Windows Phone and he made the most stupid mistake by sending the burning memo, but Elop also did a good job in simplifying Nokia’s operation and significantly cutting down the development cycles of Products (22 months for N8 to 8 months for L800). It’s unfortunate that in the meantime Nokia’s revenue fell 66%, and smartphone sales went way down. Maybe they should have chosen Android, or kept developing Meego or a whole new OS, but money was burning out, and MS had the money. I’m glad at the end Nokia survived and is now a strong company, and we have phones back via HMD 🙂

        • The only bigger mistakes he did was choosing only WP and announcing burning platform memo imo.
          Choosing Android, WP and Symbian would have been a much better game plan. 🙂 Symbian for low end, WP for Mid range and Android for High End. This way the end consumer would have got better low end smartphones with smooth UI unlike laggy Android of that time. Microsoft could have gained market share with Lumia 6xx -8xx like phones. And Nokia would have been at the top of all manufacturers in High End category. Just imagine a Lumia 920/1020/1520 like high end android flagships. Nokia could have also made a Flagship with WP and Symbian OS’s just for fans of respective operating systems. 🙂
          I don’t understand how the board agreed with single os approach of Elop. 🙁
          OHH man i just forgot about MeeGo LOL.
          They could have released just 1 Flagship Meego Device every year for developers, fans and the whole comunity.

          • They had to make some money from doing business, too 🙂 Making phones running 4 different systems is costly. Imagine having 4 development teams making the same app for all Nokia phones (MixRadio for Symbian, Android, Windows Phone and MeeGo). 4 times the effort 😀

          • Yes you are correct and i thought about this while typing but if they could have managed it some way then by going with 4 different OS’s they could have easily gained market share. 🙂

            They didn’t have to develop things for Symbian. It was already mature and almost dead. If they spent in developing ASHA they could have put that resources in making Symbian powered budget phones (phones similar to Nokia 5233). They mostly used same hardware for every phone. 😛 Apps were ready for Symbian and OS was ready too. Who cares about updates at that price range? During that time very few people knew about OS updates in countries like India. Sub $180 phone no update needed.

            All WP related apps should have been handed over to Microsoft to develop and manage (Mix Radio, Here Drive, Here Maps). It your OS you develop. We will just create hardware. (Just to develop. all apps were still owned by Nokia) They would have done it to differentiate themselves.

            They had to make high end Android phones without any add ons like they are doing now. People had google maps. As Nokia would have been making flagships they could have made money. As Samsung was still behind Nokia at that time. Nokia was still No.1(before burning platform)

            Now remains the last one “MEEGO” where Nokia had to invest money for development.

            I know. Its easy to type here but much harder to accomplish in real life. And this is past. They should have done this they could have done that. LOL They can’t change it now. 🙂 I think i should not put such comments LOL. These are of no use to present HMD Global. 😛 hehehehe

          • EricLovesSymbian

            EricLovesSymbian says:

            Again love Nokia, you are right!

            Symbian was mature, it had it’s own ovi store, and people that knew how, were making apps for Symbian.
            Asha, waste! They should have kept Symbian as it was ahead of it’s time and a truly great platform. They could have ported something like alien dalvik to make Google apps work on it somehow.
            Microsoft and Nokia should have done exactly what you said. Nokia make the ohines and Microsoft, fix your garbage junk pathetic operating system. The market would have decided if they wanted low end Symbian, or absolutely horrible windows phones.
            Android would be the same thing. It is free! Nokia would make the phones and Android would do the software and updating stuff.

            Meego could have been the one phone per year thing. A gift from the research and development team.

            So they would only have had to spend minimal money for Symbian and meego.

            Android and windows were free to use!

            Imagine a type of environment that Nokia would have made a phone by mixing the Nokia 6, the Nokia 808, and the Nokia 1020 all together and had given us a choice to choose Symbian (with access to the Google play store), Android marshmallow, or lollipop, and a windows version (running 8.1 or 10). How incredible would this have been for all consumers … Had they had enough foresight and common sense, this could have been a reality … It would have been 2012 or 2013 and the entire world would be anticipating a phone like this from Nokia (by late 2013 or 2014).

            This would have kept Nokia in the forefront of hardware and software.

            And once every year, they throw in meego device to wow all the techies, etc.

            What a shame! What a fool elop and the board was that they didn’t think this way!

          • EricLovesSymbian

            EricLovesSymbian says:

            Love Nokia, this is the most amazing thing you have ever written!
            It is thee number one most logical and responsible thing Nokia could have done.
            Everything you just said would have benefitted Nokia, shareholders, fans, the community, and Finland, all at the same time!


            You have more common sense than a bunch of millionaire CEO s and a multi billion dollar company!

            I agree with you wholeheartedly buddy… If they had done what you said, Nokia would either be number one, if not number two (this entire time).

            Love Nokia, you just showed that you truly want the best interest of all Nokia fans AND for the Nokia company as a whole.

            Great post buddy! I couldn’t agree more!

            Believe it!

    • I found singnsk in this link LOL. He didn’t have disqus account back then 😀 😛

      • I probably had a disqus account. We did not had Disqus on NPU itself.

  • Viccky Maurya

    Really interesting article. Stephen was not only the factor of Nokia demise,
    I am not in favour of elop but what that guy did at that time was not so wrong,( but killing MeeGo changed the whole scenario). Nokia downfall had been started when Apple launched its 1st phone.

    Nokia was also very arrogant company at that time (current Nokia chairman and then F secure head Risto had already mentioned in an interview that how arrogant Nokia was in 2005-06). Yes, it is very right that they were Business driven company not an Engineer Driven company.

  • Rocky

    Wow, this story also in-line with the MeeGo story