Nokia Maps osvojila nagradu za najbolju aplikaciju godine!

Nokia Maps je danas osvojila nagradu za najbolju aplikaciju ove godine koju dodjeljuje Know Your Mobile. Ono što ih je dojmilo je prisutnost dodatnih sadržaja koje Nokia Maps aplikacija posjeduje poput Nokia Drive, Nokia Transport, Nokia Maps, Nokia Pulse i Nokia City Lens. A na kraju ono najvažnije je da je aplikacija u potpunosti besplatna za korisnike Lumia urđaja te Symbian korisnike.

Nadalje veliki plus je aplikacija Nokia City Lens koja daje Nokia mapama mogućnost proširene stvarnosti koja je jako dobro izvedena.

Via Nokiagadgets

  • i was correct about the pricing guys 🙂

  • Remember the price of Nokia 3310 in Malaysia? It was higher than in India and the prices of Nokia 3 5 and 6 were 9k, 12k and 15k respectively. 🙂 I think the price will shock us in some or the other way 🙂

  • I am not satisfied with this pricing 🙁 1k less for Nokia 6 plz 😛 and 1k less for all others too. 😛 We will find out the official pricing in next 16hrs 😛

    • Well these will be the typical MRP. Phones in offline market (which Nokia seems to be targeting) are sold with good enough margins. Some retailers will start throwing discounts within weeks after launch.

      • Ohh yes, You are correct. 🙂 These can be the pricing for the offline market. The online pricing is always less than te offline market. 🙂 Mr. Ajey Mehta also said in an interview with 91Mobiles that, there will be some products exclusively for online channels and some exclusively for offline market. So, we will find it out in next 2 hrs 😛 🙂