Nokia se uključila u šamaranje Samsung-a i Apple-a :)

Nokia je skinula masku nevinašca i uključila se u bitku između Samsunga i Applea, zadirkujući oboje. Tako je na svojem Twitter profilu naglasila nabrajajući inovativne komponente Lumije 920 da stvarno ne treba biti genij pa vidjeti koji je uređaj najbolji.

Nokia je predstavljanjem novih Lumija, pogotovo svog najboljeg uređaja, sebe dovela u dobru poziciju za ponovno osvajanje kupaca i tržišta. Lumia 920 je napokon jedan konkurentan uređaj koji stavlja Windos Phone 8 Os ravnopravno uz Android i iOs. Doduše, još moramo vidjeti kakav je WP8 i što nudi krajnjem korisniku. No, njihova poruka Switch to Lumia je sve izglednija :).

(možda smo se malo zaigrali s originalom :))

Via Twitter

  • Hemedans

    I like that design, my only complain is s30, bring back s40 software and java support, s30 is so boring.

  • Yup 🙂 I will buy it in August-September 🙂

  • BTW Is that a UNIBODY? 😛 I can’t see an indent to open the back panel LOL
    The bottom part of the front panel below reminds me of Nokia 603. Look at the bottom design.

    • EricLovesSymbian

      EricLovesSymbian says:

      How beautiful! My heart just melted…
      Having a legitimate button, with a proper talk and end button! I love this picture!
      And no, I’m not being sarcastic.
      I actually would love this design on all these new Android phones.
      It’s truly unfortunate what happened to Nokia and it’s phenomenal Symbian phones.

      • Yes, even in love this design. They also used this design for Nokia Lumia 710. Nokia 808 PureView took it further with 2.5D 🙂

  • BTW Is that a UNIBODY?? I can’r see an indent to open the back panel LOL
    The bottom part of the front panel below reminds me of Nokia 603. Look at the bottom design.

  • Which color did you guys like out of the two? If both are matte than i’ll go for Black one this time 🙂 White gets dirty very fast 😛

  • OMG, really 🙂 I loved the MixRadio. It was cool service

    • Sorry for all those typing error in my comment where i ruined your name too. 😛 All corrected now. Too difficult to type in WindowsPhone browser. 🙁

      • Rocky

        Don’t you already bought Nokia 3? I saw you post a Nokia 3 on Twitter

        • LOL No 😛 Actually that’s not mine. My friend bought it 🙂 He is very happy with the purchase. 🙂

  • Rocky

    The keypad looks similar to Nokia 100/101, they overused the Nokia 3310 shape (oval like), Nokia 105 looks more cool

    • Keypad is not at all similar. The keys are to slim IMO. Kind of like Nokia 150 🙂

      • Rocky

        Nokia 150 had separated back button with power button (also with left menu and call), and this had combined button (the rubber) similiar with Nokia 101

        • LOL i was saying about keypad(numerical keys) not about selection and call pick up and end key. 🙂

          • Rocky

            Isn’t keypad is the whole input? The number one is numpad and other is navigation pad 🙂

          • Ohh yeah! Thanks for sharing this info man. 🙂 I actually was thinking what were upper keys called 🙂 Now I know Num Pad and Navigation Keys 🙂 Thanks 🙂 And i was saying about Num Pad 🙂

  • MiRadio was sold and closed. I don’t think HMD will spend resource on rebuilding it when services like Saavn and Spotify are way ahead.

    • They can make it in future though. 🙂 I tweeted this to @nokiamobile, @sarvikas and @AjeyMehta

      • Being a fan aside, I don’t see much of a business sense in building something like Nokia Music again. There are so many competitive services. Nokia is better off collaborating with some to preload or discount their apps rather than starting one of its own.

        • Wasn’t every song free on mixradio?

          • Yep, because it was streamed online, but you couldn’t skip more than 5(?) songs. And Nokia had a Premium version that lets you skip unlimited and displayed lyrics. You could also dowload mixes for offline listening

          • even offline downloads were free i think. But the UI was awesome 🙂

          • Yes, yes.

          • Nokia Music needed a sub. Mix Radio did not and it was a random music radio. No choice, no more than 5 skips. Music isn’t free, so the cost of it would be covered from the phone’s price.

            Something like bundled Saavn/Spotify and others would be better. Still enjoying the 1year Saavn sub which cam e with my OP3.

          • We get something to brag about. The extra features… 😛 🙂

          • Well, I’d appreciate a tech focused innovation to brag about. Or a service which is new. Making a rip off of another isn’t gonna work anymore.
            Maps, Nokia Music, Mail and OVI services were good for that time period. The time now needs something new 🙂

          • My bet is they will make na VR companion app for OZO (I don’t know if one exists for iOS) and they have the Health mate. I watched the OP5 announcement and some things that guy (I guess CEO) said are true, mainly that a lot of phones are packed with features no one uses (mainly software tricks, not FM Radio of headphone jack, lol). It’s better to spend that resources somewhere else, than to make a feature that no one will use. Improve camera, optimization, sound, do Superior hardware, and leave the software tricks to Google and Developers. The community will always fix what’s missing, they did the same with WP, too.

  • Yep, Marun’s head is first that pops up hehe @Themightym:disqus
    Edit: He has Nokia fan in it’s bio, that could be why

    • hahaha “Yep, Marun’s head is first that pops up hehe” LOL his head pops up LOL hahaha
      Yes that’s the reason. 🙂 Nokia Fan.