Nova (beta) verzija Nokia Suite programa donosi podršku za Windows Phone

Nokia je izbacila novu beta verziju Nokia Suite programa (v3.6.11.0.), u kojoj donosi podršku za Windows Phone. Nova verzija programa je velika približno 82 MB, te donosi još manja poboljšanja samog programa.

Međutim, podrška za Lumie nije direktna, već omogućava kopiranje sadržaja vašeg Symbian i MeeGo uređaja na Sky Cloud servis, te se poslije ti podaci automatski prenesu na novu Lumiju. Iako je ova opcija gotovo nepotrebna jer Symbian uređaji ali i nove Lumije imaju već mogućnost sinhroniziranja sadržaja uređaja koji jako lijepo funkcionira.

Nokia Suite je znatno napredovao od Ovi Suitea koji je zadavao mnogo poteškoća korisnicima Nokia mobilnih uređaja.

Nokia Suite je dostupan za preuzimanje ovdje.


Via ST

  • Rocky

    Not totally useless actually, the main issue about 3G support because 2G already shutdown (or planned) in many country. Also some 2G bandwidth already transferred to 3G or 4G, so it easily crowded and hard to take a call or sms

  • Rocky

    Hmm, WhatsApp also add S40 support longer, could it be Nokia 3310 with S40? (since S30+ don’t support 3G)

    • That won’t happen LOL. I think S40 now belongs to Microsoft. Correct me if I am wrong plz. Because i wan’t to know what happened to S40 and Symbian now. Do they still belong to Nokia or are they now with Microsoft?

      • Microsoft shout it down in 2014. Will ask HMD what’s the situation around S40 if they reply to my mails. Have to say that the local PR agencies reply quickly, but guys behind press@hmdglobal aren’t that co-operative.

        • hehe. Once i got a message on fb from a guy who said he is Community Manager for Nokia Mobile.

        • Hope you get a very nice and informative reply 🙂

      • Rocky

        Symbian now on Accenture, Microsoft sold Nokia feature phone business, so S40 not belong to Microsoft (just like S30+). Yeah they already ditch S40 development actually (by Microsoft).

    • Jep, wanted to say the same. People who didn’t use a Nokia feature phone ignore the fact that S30+ is useless with 3g or wifi.

      • Hemedans

        Only usefull feature of 3G is HD voice calling.

    • Hi guys, Nokia Mobile responded and s40 platform is owned by Microsoft.

      I quote the answer:
      “Nokia OS 40 and other OS like Windows mobile is still property of Microsoft company.
      They are responsible to support, to repair and probably to develop the current OS’s.
      So you can see all the discussion boards on company Nokia in the link below (Global):

      Therefore, regarding to your question, if Nokia S40 will be developed, we don’t have that information and this question should be addressed to Microsoft, as owner.
      From other side, please follow the link to our new Nokia site to be common and introduce with our released devices (Nokia OS’s 30+/Android devices):

      • Hemedans

        What about symbian s60v3

        • It is now at Accenture. That means it is closed.

        • That story has ended long time ago. All symbian related software is now in hands of accenture.

      • Viccky maurya

        Can HMD deploy Java ME support in S30+? So that it can support .jar/.jad format….

      • Rocky

        They know that S40 more solid than Windows Mobile so they took it 😀