Usporedba specifikacija Lumije 820 i HTC-a Accord

Phonearena blog je napravio odličnu usporedbu Nokije Lumije 820 i HTC-a Accord, oboje predstavnici Windows Phone 8 platforme, i željni kupaca.


Premda HTC-ov model izgleda lijepo, Nokia Lumia 820 prednjačiu većini detalja pa čak i u dizajnu. Svojim oblim linijama, izmjenjivim maskama s kojima u potpunosti možete izmijeniti izgled uređaja, jačim procesorom te većim zaslonom, Lumia 820 je uvjerljivo nadjačala HTC-ov Accorde. Što vi mislite?


Via ST

  • The headphone jack placement doesn’t doesn’t go along lol

  • No they are not. Not for phones 😉

  • Rce

    Ok design,let’s hope the screen will be bezel less..

    • Abhimanyu Chauhan

      It won’t. I bet

    • Bezel less displays are a problem and I sincerely hope the world doesn’t go for them yet. They will break on the very first fall of the phone. Then people will need thick bumper cases to add some protection.

      Unless we start receiving plastic screens, the idea should be postponed.

      • Rce

        Yes,i agree with the break part,but with Nokia’s build quality they can do wonders with bezel less display..(Unlike Mi Mix)

        • A big nooooo from me for that bezel less screen. My palm touches the screen while stretching my thumb to the opposite corner.

        • Not really. You’re just expecting something which is not practically possible within the limits of today’s engineering. If there is not enough protection to the glass, it will get a stronger impact and it will crack.

          • Rce

            It’s possible with Nokia’s own graphene display from it’s Bell labs and will have a ground breaking effect..
            An old post ..

          • Viccky maurya

            Wait, I think bell labs work only in network field??

          • Rce

            read this,and also 2016 Nokia mwc event ..

          • The costing will not be economical. Give it another couple of years, please.

          • Rce

            I can wait lifelong for a Nokia graphene device ..

          • Its gonna be too long. You’ll either be tired, or you’ll die 😉

          • Rce

            I don’t think it’s gonna be too long, technology is always evolving you never know what will happen in next 10 years and just like VR and cloud holography, graphene etc are the future of technology..

          • Exactly. Let’s see how it goes. Tech advancements are hard to guess.

      • Viccky maurya

        Very much agree. I am against bezel less display.

  • You know what. I would have loved to get the HMD+Zeiss partnership on the launch day of flagships. Suddenly Mr. Arto Nummela calls some one who is representing ZEISS on stage just before unveiling the phones. 🙂 WOW that would have been much more exciting 😛 🙂

    • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge

      Totally agree. But they were wise announcing the partnership, otherwise many people would not wait for Nokia’s flagships and buy something else.

  • I would say this case if of Nokia 7 🙂 The image that you have posted from that vimeo video. Look at the length of the camera housing. Its too long compared to the case above. 🙂

  • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge

    I’m not liking this. It lacks the camera button…

    • i was about to comment the same 😛

    • You can double click the power button to start the camera and use the volume key for taking photos. But I agree, a two phased dedicated camera button would be better.

      • Yes! 2 Stage button is awesome. But actually it leads to slight movement while capturing images. I only use my Camera key to start the camera when my phone is locked/Unlocked. I don’t click that button while taking photos. I juts use on screen button. 😛 Double click the power button will do the job when phone is locked. What to do when we are using the phone and have to switch to camera asap. clicking the power button locks the phone? You have Nokia 6 try on it and reply plz 😛 🙂

        • Double click works no matter where you are in the system.

          • Thanks 🙂 That’s it then. Y do we need a shutter button? Any other advantages of shutter key?

          • You can focus with it, long press for video or burst mode… Seems more camera-centric. It’s not that needed after all

          • For focusing I don’t use it. But it really is useful for Video recording. Hold to record in 4K like in Lumia 950. Its not good for longer videos though.. 😛

          • But it won’t work in India. India requires a three-press power key to call the 112 emergency number. So, a double tap camera cannot be introduced here 😀

            Irony is that a lot of times, the 112 isn’t received by anybody. It just hangs up lol

          • If you press the power key thrice it will make an emergency call and if pressed twice it will open camera. And I think we have to set up the emergency call function. Right? OR is it default??

          • It is by default, cannot be altered. So, that forces OEMs to disable the double tap to camera functionality.

    • Rce

      These days camera button is not necessary at all, even power button can work as a camera button,also with fingerprint scanner you can implement entire key setup.
      I’ll rather prefer a dual speaker over camera button..