Vanjoki i Harlow odigrali kratkak teniski meč na Twitteru

Bivši Nokijaš, Anssi Vanjoki i Jo Harlow su imali kratku ali zanimljivu izmjenu twitova. Na nedavnoj prezentaciji novih Lumija, Jo Harlow je proglasila Lumiju 920 najinovativnijom Nokijom do sada. Anssi Vanjoki je kratko odgovorio da je najbolja ali poslije Nokije 808 i N9. Lumia je donijela novi PureMotion HD+, super osjetljivi zaslon, bežično punjenje, novi oblik Pureview kamera tehnologije, ali Nokia 808 je približila mobilne uređaje DSLR fotoaparatima, a sve pakirano u lijepi dizajnirano kučište. Nokia N9 je dizajnerski usmjerila cijelu novu liniju Lumija i obilježila Nokia uređaje sa  Swipe sučeljem.

Uglavnom, slažemo se sa oboje, Nokia definitivno ima najinovativnije uređaje današnjice. Nadamo se da će tako i ostati ;).



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  • Looks so beautiful in Yellow 🙂

  • One thing I want to say is that some things just appear the same on paper. Example a display.
    People usually fail to differentiate between two 10809 Full-HD displays. They are just the same on paper.
    Like while searching for a Laptop for myself, nearly every OEM offered a 1080p display. But it takes a lot of research to understand how the different displays differentiate. Some have poor brightness, some bad viewing angles, some come with bad color reproduction, some are IPS (but bad) displays, some are TN displays (but still better) and what not.
    So, going from the price range of 55k to 80k, there are so many differences in the display used. However, all of them are 1080p Full HD on the specs sheet. Extremely hard for a common man to differentiate between the various options, especially when OEMs try their best to not provide a detailed info about the display tech used.

    Similar thing for the megapixels on a camera. What do you think, @disqus_Fwhc13VCQT:disqus &@stipe1906:disqus?

    • Yep, specifications can be deceiving. Megapixels, too, but the real question is what do you do with the pixels.

  • Viccky maurya

    I m in love with Nokia 3 design…

    • Which phone are you using right now?

      • Viccky maurya

        If i tell about right now then Lumia 520 and Nokia 130, btw i have Lumia 830 too but not using that….

        • If you have it, there’s no reason why you won’t use it 😛 Probably your fam has it? :p

          • C4ETech isn’t happy with the camera of Nokia 3. I remember the camera review of Nokia Lumia 525 done by geekyranjit. It was just a 5 MP camera but it was very good. 🙁

          • Hmm, I watched his unboxing and he is quite inconsistent.In conclusion he says the phone is overall underwhelming, design and built quality are outstanding, but the MediaTek chip, lack of fingerprint sensor and mediocre camera are bad things. And these are in general fair points, but compared to the price segment, don’t think €130 phones come with those features. But K 🙂 Reminds me of GSMArena’s Nokia 6 (China) review where they said that the battery is a minus because of small capacity, but the battery life is overall good. Lol

          • If you were in India, you’d have a different opinion. It is because the competition ruins you. And it is the paper aspect which is looked at first and the actual results come at a later time. The Redmi or Lenovo or Huawei phones in this price bracket are offering beefed up batteries which sometimes are extremely big. That’s what a comes to the mind of the reviewer first. It is obvious that the 3,000 mAh battery will have lesser juice than a 4,900mAh stuffed into a Lenovo P5 for the price same as the Nokia 6.

            And all of the above phones also come with FP sensor, Qcom chipsets (most of em) and good cameras. It won’t be wrong to say that the mobile game in this price point is ruined by the Chinese players. Xiaomi’s focus in India is just the Redmi series now. They kinda stopped focusing on their premium offering.. Mi5, Mi6. It is tough to compete with them at that price bracket. Hopefully some people will also look at the durability which Nokia phones might (still) have.

          • Good point. That’s especially true with the 6, as you said, but I don’t think many phones that compete at the 3’s price point have much better specifications than 3. Maybe the fact that the devices are made in India will help.

            Check this out. 🙂 Its Rs.500/- less than Nokia 3 🙁 It has 4100mah battery SD430, 13MP PDAF, 3GB RAM, 32GB Storage, Finger Print sensor.
            Isn’t Xiaomi available in your country?

          • That’s good value for money. Yes, via retailers, but no operators. We have our own Chinese brand so no need for Xiaomi at the moment :D.

          • which brand?

          • In Croatia we have Noa . In Serbia they have Tesla A merger between the two would create a big regional player 😀

          • WOW You got a Tesla for mobiles man 😛 🙂

          • BTW Noa’s are beautiful 🙂

          • Unfortunately, Stipe, it’s with the 3’s price point too. The Redmi 4 sells in 4 versions here. The market has become just too tough. I explained in a different comment how these Chinese players are managing to keep their costs low by keeping to online sales only.
            Snapdragon 430 + 13MP primary cam + 5MP secondary + 2G RAM + 16GB storage costs you INR 7,000.
            A 32GB + 3GB RAM variant costs you INR 9000.
            And the 64GB+4GB RAM variant costs you 11,000.

            There are many other phones from Lenovo and Huawei (Honor) which target the same price segment and are superior to the Nokia 3 on paper. At least on paper. The durability and support is weak, but people probably aren’t looking for that when they look for a phone in this price range. YouTubers do tons of gaming and specs comparisons for earning YouTube money. So, a phone with better CPU, memory and paper aspects is declared superior.
            The final outcome is that you will not see the digital generation (online shoppers) from India to be giving any attention to the Nokia 3, 5. Because there are better options which they can simply grab from the online marketplace. YouTubers come in this same category. And 99% of digital publicity is heavily paid. YouTubers are given big gifts, holiday packages, free devices and what not ^_^.

          • I understand. Really competitive. What’s the customer support of Xiaomi and others like? HMD is serious about that by opening 300 care locations etc.

          • Umm.. I’m not entirely sure about other users, but for me, it was on par with what I should expect. My mom has a Redmi 2, the charging jack (microUSB) broke while she was trying to use a different charger. The care center of Xiaomi is not near my home, but it was just at a walking distance from my dad’s office. I went there in the evening 6PM, they told me that it will take an hour for them to fix it. I couldn’t wait so left the phone there. They texted in around an hour that the phone was fixed and ready to pickup. I picked it up the next day. So all good! I have had much worse experience with Nokia service centers in the old days.
            I know the support is not extremely good from these Chinese players, but it has improved gradually from what it was earlier. They used to keep devices for repair for months, awaiting spares which they kinda never received. Xiaomi now has exclusive service centers in many Indian cities. The others are just 3rd party, but gets the job done 😀 Huawei is kinda the same, Lenovo is somewhat bad, Asus does a good job too while not having too many service centers.
            The multi-branded repair centers have helped them a lot. Basically, they partner with normal mobile repair shops, providing them certified spare parts. No fancy lights, Television or a large visitors section. So, a service center is maintained without too many overheads, something which happens for exclusive service centers.

          • You will always get a good service from authorized service centers but the experience you get in 3rd party service centers is horrible.

          • Call me lucky, but I’ve had a good exp even in Micromax service centers. The battery of a Micromax in my family got swollen, I was able to buy a new battery without any issues. It was a 3rd party service center.
            Alas, I will appreciate that there is a service center, even if a 3rd party one only. Better than not having them at all 😀 The shop I got my OnePlus 3’s display was a 3rd party service center. A small mobile repair and accessories shop was it 😛

          • if you pay the service centre they will do their job. The service matters most when the phone is under warranty. And that time if you go to 3rd party they won’t entertain you. Replacing a broken/bad display requires you to purchase it and is not free so you will get goof service.

          • I’d agree on that. Luckily, none of my phones have given me manufacturing defects during the warranty period. Maybe I plan my phones properly? :p

          • Only my 1st phone gave me manufacturing defects actually. After that i have never had to visit a service center for any issues. I just visited once for my Lumia 1320 but after i reached the service center the problem wasn’t showing in the phone LOL. I think my phone was afraid from his doctor 😛

          • I would like you to check the review of Nokia 3 done by Devang Rocker on youtube. This guys is gone nuts. Dislike that video plz. 😛

          • I’d rather not watch it at all. My downvote does nothing. He gets his money via ads, not the likes or dislikes :p
            Indian YouTube scene is currently money focused. Google India is just so fucked up.

          • Dislikes matter. It won’t show in top of search results if the video has more dislike LOL

          • No bro. Unfortunately, I’ve seen videos still hitting the keywords even with more dislikes than likes.

          • Let me come up with my YouTube Channel. I’ll make better videos, promise :p

          • Really? come on make it happen man 🙂 😛 We need a person who know about this stuff. Actually i have tried making videos but i get nervous each time i start speaking lol so dropped the plan 😛

          • Kinda the same here. But I’m trying hehe.. Let’s try it together? 😀
            I’m also working on my Nokia fan blog 😛

          • name?

          • Sometime later 😀 YouTube is not officially live yet, just trying 😀 Blog only for now 🙁

          • I asked the name of your blog 😛

          • Viccky maurya

            Devang seems a ‘Haraami’ ladka. 🙂

          • LOL

          • Yes! this is where HMD will beat these chinese crap hahhaa 🙂

          • I would like to add a point here. Nokia 3 has a mediatek chip and 2gb ram still the software is very well optimized. I just saw a speed comparison of Nokia 3 and redmi 4 done my Mr. Techy. Nokia 3 is very slow in loading apps compared to Redmi 4 with SD435 chip but Nokia 3 has better RAM management and resumes every heavy games from the background which redmi 4 with its SD435 fails to do. It doesn’t even resume the most recent game LOL
            And that youtuber is a complete NUT IMO. As you are Indian you can understand the video and also read his comments. He still says Nokia 3 lost against Redmi4 in the test and says the nokia 3 has bad performance. I don’t understand what he means by performance LOL

          • We usually do not keep switching between games, so, I do not regard keeping memory intensive apps in memory as ‘Performace’. That is more of a ‘productivity’ aspect. Yes, the Redmi will take its time by relaunching all the apps it keeps in memory, but it will give a better performance in the individual apps. The Redmi 4 he got was the 2GB variant. Had he used the 3GB variant which more appropriately compares with the price of Nokia 3, then there would have been a significant improvement in the results.
            The Nokia 3 had too much of delay with opening apps and going back home. That seconds long black screen is a bad user experience. I’d rather have the phone reload the last app instead of showing that black waiting screen. When I tap the FP on my phone, I expect it to instantly show me the home screen or the screen I left off (when locked). Any delay that I will notice there kills my patience. With the kind of delay that I noticed on Nokia 3, I’m sure real-time MP games like Clash Royale and Mobile Legends will be a bad experience. Every millisecond of delay costs :p

            MiUi is a lot heavy and customized than the stock Android which comes with the Nokia 3. After you’re done adding about 10-15 apps which offer a similar essential functionality as the built-in features of MiUi, then the RAM usage on the Nokia 3 will rise. It will then start killing background apps more aggressively as well.

            I personally hate MiUi, but that’s only because of the fonts and the iOS style layout. When it comes to functionality, MiUi is probably the most feature enriched and still fairly stable Android ROM.

            I’d honestly say that Redmi has better performance. The Nokia has a better display, build and software. Let’s leave the rest for the buyer to decide.

          • Yes it was a 2gb variant but Nokia 3 had 2gb ram and the reason why redmi could load apps/games faster was because of SD435 whereas Nokia 3 has Mediated 6737. for games like clash royale i think it will be fine. I don’t think clash royale, coc are too heavy like asphalt and others.

          • That’s it, bro. We are comparing the two phones here the way they exist. Yes sure, the Nokia 3 could’ve performed better if it had a better CPU. That’s for all of the phones out there. Nokia played it right by keeping the phone offline only. There’s no online market for that phone unless the buyer is a ‘fanboy’ 😀
            Don’t underestimate Clash Royale and Mobile Legends. They seem lightweight, but that constant data connection (COC can manage with a slight interruption) is critical in these games. Every millisecond of lag or freeze can make you lose. Because it is real-time, you need to counter your opponent. My LYF phone fails, My Aqua Fish with Sailfish fails as well. So, I don’t have big hopes from the Mediatek on the Nokia 6.

          • Yes Nokia 3 with better processor would have been much better. Nokia 3 doesn’t have competition from xiaomi and similar online exclusives and that’s the reason HMD made Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 as offline exclusive. 🙂

          • Viccky maurya

            I hope Nokia will have good market share in budget range in next 2 years….

          • LOL 3k mah battery is small? LOL

          • The budget segment is getting really great batteries now. Then as you move up the line, the batteries start shrinking. I never found an answer for why my OnePlus 3 or the Galaxy S8 has a 3,000 mAh battery when even the Redmi 4 at 7k gets 4,100mAh :p

            Redmi Note 3 was the one phone which actually caused all other OEMs to push for bigger batteries in this price range. I’m at least lucky that the OnePlus 3 can dash charge to 100% in about 30-40 mins. Look at the iPhone 7 Plus users who wait 3.5 hours to get a full battery. So, if you somehow forget to charge your phone overnight, your day is just ruined lol But that’s the innovative Apple, we can never raise fingers on :’D

          • Viccky maurya

            Yes, thats the innovative apple who only knows the marketing 🙂

          • BTW we actually get phones with SD430, 3GB RAM, Finger print sensor which are cheaper than Nokia 3. 🙂

          • Two different persons, right? Plus the camera tech has evolved over the years. You do not find crappy cameras in the competition anymore. So, the game is tough. The Nokia 520 was a super VFM device. I have one, plus a 525. Both were cool products.

            The current lineup, however, is more money focused than the days of Lumia. Then they wanted people to try a new OS. Now they know people will buy for the brand value plus the Android factor. Did you see how those initial unboxers got the Nokia 3 for a price higher than the suggested retail price for India? That’s the problem. Leaving the price for retailers to control.

          • yes but you can get at 9499/- if you bargain. At the moment the availability is limited and so the retailers will charge whatever they want. Head to stores like Reliance DIgital and Croma they will charge the best price. And BTW retailers aren’t charging more technically. Its the best price which Nokia has announced. Even they say that retailer can’t charge more than the MRP on box but 9499/- is just a best price for Nokia 3.

          • That’s all the problem. You announce a product at MRP and it sells for lesser is all okay. But you announce something at lower cost, but your retailers are selling it for more is all wrong.
            I have stopped giving any fucks to that MRP tag. IDK if it is less or more. If you hold up a launch event and say that this product costs X amount, then it should be bought for that X amount, not more than that. The manufacturer can print whatever on that tag as per his wish. I remember when the Mi3 was launched. It was sold online and its box had 3k higher price than the price it was sold officially.

          • Yeah. 🙁 And BTW this is not new to us. Even in past they announced phones for a particular price and then the MRP printed on the box is higher. 🙁

  • Hey Stipe! Check out these unboxings 🙂

    • Thanks. Good unboxings, except that I don’t understand the language. Will try to find more and put it together in an article.

      • oops i thought 1 was in english LOL. I didn’t see that data dock was in Hindi too 😛 🙁

      • I found 1 for you 🙂

      • Abhimanyu Chauhan

        • Will posted it all together later. 🙂 Thanks

  • Viccky maurya

    Wrost unboxing i hav ever seen….

    • LOL write it below that video plz not here. 🙂 😛
      IMO they just wanted to do the 1st unboxing before anyone else does it and so they went live lol. I couldn’t even hear him speak. The sound is too low. 😛

      • Viccky maurya

        Mr. Techy And Data Dock’s unboxing of N3 is good…

  • As it was live the stream quality was very bad 🙁