Video²: Demo zaslona te Pureview i stabilizacija kamere na Lumiji 920

Laptomag je snimio par odličnih videa Lumije 920 koji demonstriraju njene kvalitete, i mogućnosti hardvera i softvera. U prvom videu pogledajte pravo značenje Super Sensitive Touch tehnologije te do koje je mjere zaslon osjetljiv na dodir. Nokia tvrdi da sa rukavicama možete normalno koristiti zaslon što nije moguće kod drugih uređaja sa kapacitivnim zaslonom. Također se video osvrće na stabilizaciju slike prilikom fotografiranja, a sama stabilizacija se uključuje kada stisnemo tipku kamere do pola. Razlika je vidljiva na prvu.

U drugom videu je predstavljena aplikacija Cinemagraph te dio mogućnosti koje s njom možete raditi.

Četvrti video se dira same Pureview tehnologije, stabilizacije fotografije i videa te hardvera kamere koji omogućuje najbolje fotografije pri slabijem osvjetljenju. Definitivno obratite pozornost na snimke napravljene u mraku sa konkurentskim uređajem te sa Lumijom 920!!!

Pureview sa 8,7 MP radi stvarno izvrstan posao te je Damian Dinning bio u pravu. Nije sve do megapiksela već što s njima radite. Bravo Nokia.

Via Mynokiablog

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  • Will we get a normal variant of Nokia 6 with 4gigs of RAM?

    • No because the 7 and 8 wil have 3GB or maybe 4, so they have to make a distinction. For further off topic discussion (about Microsoft and so) I would suggest moving to the “Help and discussion” page. 😀

  • Thanks 😉

  • Ok, i think i have almost decided which one to go for after watching the Nokia 6 Video 🙂

    • You still have a few weeks to change your mind 😛

      • Tell me which one will you buy?? Are you still buying Nokia 5 or will you go for Nokia 6?

        • Will see the price here in Croatia and how the 5 performs compared to the 6. The 3310 is €62, so smartphones could cost 20%+ than HMD’s announced, and if that happens, and 5 proves to be a good device, will buy the 5. I’m also sure I’ll buy the flaship on contract, but who knows when it will arrive.

          • If you are buying a flagship then just buy a Nokia 3 or a Nokia 5. 🙂 Both are beautiful 🙂 The price of Nokia 6 in India will be the price of Nokia 5 in your country i think 😛

          • That’s what I’m thinking, but the €229 price tag is not bad, even up to €250. As said, depends how the 5 performs 🙂

          • How about waiting few more months? 😛 Indian MWC kick off on 27th September. 🙂 I feel like Nokia Mobile might announce something there 🙂

          • No, can’t wait. L830 needs to retire.

          • I thought your main phone might be some Android device 😛

          • L830 works nicely. Was prepared to switch late last year when some rumors suggest that HMD will launch a phone before christmas, and since then I’m waiting

          • Microsoft working on new Windows Mobile OS with revamped UI. LOL How many times will they change their UI. WP7 > WP8 > WP 8.1 > WP8.1 Update 2 > W10M > Now something new in making :P. I hope to see a Nokia branded W10M in future. I will definitely buy that over Android. W10M has more scope in future than Android. Windows everywhere according to their CEO. 😛
            This is not a TIP i just wanted to share what i just saw 🙂

          • Don’t have data to back this claim up, but I believe consumer trust in Microsoft in mobile is equal to current Windows 10 Mobile market share, at least outside the US. They really need something not from this planet with serious marketing to turn the tides.

  • WOW That copper Nokia 5 looks beautiful. 🙂

    • It is really beautifully done, but for me Nokia 6 seems great. Would love to test them first to see the difference and make judgement about which one is better

      • I would say Nokia 5 has less ram compared to Nokia 6 but has same processor. And also, Nokia 5 has just HD screen over 1080p so that will helo in performance too. But over all Nokia 6 will excel in performance just because of that extra gig of ram 🙂
        For normal use Nokia 5 will rock too 🙂

  • So what i said about the pricing was 100% true 🙂 9000 12,000 and 15,000 for Nokia 3, 5 and 6. Great!!! I am in similar situation as Stipe. I like Lumia 925 look alike Nokia 3 but i don’t like its camera housing and its too small. I like the overall design of Nokia 5 but its small too. I like Nokia 6 is Silver and Bronze but i don’t like its Camera housing but its not too small. 😛 So either i have to stay with a smaller screen Nokia 3, 5 or a big screen Nokia 6 but with not so good looking camera housing on it. And if I have to stay with a not so good looking camera housing then y won’t I buy Nokia 3 😛 Too much confusion LOL. “LET THEM COME TO THE STORE NEAR ME” 😛