Video: Demo usluge Nokia Parking

Nokia radi na novoj lokacijskoj usluzi pod imenom Nokia Parking. Usluga će postati dostupna u većim europskim metropolama već u studenom, a nakon toga će se proširiti dalje. Putem Nokia Parkinga nećete samo lakše pronaći mjesto već ćete moći i platiti parking. Nokia neće ovu uslugu pružati direkno kao aplikaciju, već će biti licencirana partnerima koji će je plasirati korisnicima kao aplikaciju. Pogledajte video usluge koja je demonstrirana na Lumiji 800.

[viddler id=6ac1d658 w=545 h=307]



  • Rocky

    Yeah, if it’s real, why that person doesn’t scroll to the specifications and features 🙂

  • wasim khan

    In my opinion this page pic is fake because if you look this page closely you see to hands shaking who were wearing Indian traditional bangels and this page is from China you know what I mean

    • That Indian Shaking Hands image is used world wide for promoting Nokia 3 smartphone. Its not just for India 🙂
      Its might be fake because its for Nokia 3 and they won’t use same image again for Nokia 8/9. 🙂

  • marty farrell

    What 7 ? When 7 ?

    • “Soon” Sometime in future 😀

  • Nokia Mobile was very inactive after Nokia Mobile India page was formed. But today i am shocked to see them reply to so many comments. 😛

  • Nokia 5 to go on sale in India starting 15th August!!! 😀 🙂
    @Vickky Happy now?? 😛

  • This image speaks that it is “fake”. Nokia won’t reuse the image from the support page as a hero image for the introduction of new phone.

    Idk.. This image doesn’t satisfy me. Sorry :p

    • Well, it was taken down so we don’t know if that will be the hero image. The site is probably still under construction.

      • Idk Stipe, a phone supposed to be launched in 1 day cannot have its pages still under construction. So, I feel that somebody has played with the html of the page to do this.

        Plus that tagline isn’t connecting. I know it can’t be 100% correct, but Nokia 8 can’t be branded as a “Music Machine” after having dual cameras.

        • May be the leak was of Nokia 8 from front and Nokia 9 from back 😛 evleaks got two photos in mail and got confused 😛 hehe
          Just joking 😛

        • You were right. It’s fake

          • The image was literally shouting that it is fake 😀

      • May be it was never published to take down? There is a possibility of this too 😀