#HERE mape postale službene mape Red Bull-a

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Nokijine HERE mape su postale službene mape Red Bull-a. U izjavi za medije Red Bull je potvrdio kako će koristiti HERE mape na svim svojim digitalnim kanalima uključujući internet stranice te razne aplikacije za mobitele. Na taj način će omogućiti svim korisnicima svojih usluga preciznije pronalaženje različitih Red Bull događaja diljem svijeta zahvaljujući trenutno najdetaljnijim mapama.

HERE i Red Bull su već prije surađivali na detaljnom prikazu Red Bull Arene, odnosno F1 staze gdje se nedavno odvozila velika nagrada Austrije te je u tu svrhu nastao izvrstan video prikaz staze u kojem su sudjelovali Sebastian Vettel i  Daniel Ricciardo.


Službeno izvješće za medije možete pročitati u nastavku.

HERE is the Official Map of Red Bull

Berlin, Germany – HERE, a Nokia company, has been named the Official Map of Red Bull. The Red Bull Media House will now use HERE maps across all of its digital channels as part of the inspiring content it delivers to millions around the world.

Red Bull Media House has already begun integrating HERE maps into its wide range of websites and mobile applications. With the world’s freshest and most accurate maps, users can now find their way – either virtually or in person – even easier to action-packed events such as the Red Bull X-Fighter Finale in Pretoria, South Africa, or the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series on the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores.

The two companies are also collaborating on new consumer experiences. To re-introduce millions of F1 fans to the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria, Red Bull Media House created a stunning CGI video featuring Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo who explain the track’s specific characteristics as they dual around the circuit. With HERE’s highly-detailed maps and Advanced Driver Assistance System, viewers could so easily locate the racing track and experience the difficulty of driving it. Using these mapping technologies together for the first time gave F1 fans an even closer look into the sport they love.

Red Bull Media House is one of the world’s most innovative media companies, producing, distributing and licensing high-quality content through various digital channels. As a global leader in mapping and location intelligence, with almost three decades of experience in cartography, HERE is uniquely positioned to support this effort. Both companies share a commitment to delivering rich and immersive user experiences across every platform and every device.

“We are thrilled that a world-leading consumer, event and digital media brand like Red Bull has chosen to make HERE their official map,” said Christoph Erbenich, Chief Marketing Officer at HERE. “Location technology is driving totally new consumer experiences, and with HERE maps Red Bull Media House can tell its stories in a whole new way.”

Alexander Koppel, Chief Commercial Officer at Red Bull Media House, agreed: “With HERE we have found a partner who shares our expectation of always delivering top quality. Their innovative Location Platform provides the kind of accuracy, immediacy and quality that we strive to provide to our audiences, deepening the authenticity of the experience.”

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About HERE and Nokia

HERE, a Nokia company, is a leader in navigation, mapping and location experiences. We combine highly accurate and fresh maps with cloud technology to enable rich, real-time location experiences in a broad range of connected devices – from smartphones and tablets to wearables and vehicles. To learn more about HERE, including our work in the areas of connected and autonomous driving, visit http://360.here.com