Microsoft još uvijek radi na popravku osjetljivosti zaslona na dodir kod Lumije 535




Kako prenosi Windows Central blog, Microsoft i dalje radi na popravku osjetljivosti zaslona na dodir kod Lumie 535. Kako smo pisali neki dan greška na zaslonu još uvijek postoji kod nekih korisnika mada je Microsoft izdao ažuriranje za popravak te greške. Windows Central je dobio izvornu poruku od “Microsoft Yammer Group for MVPs by Delfin Vassallo, the Social Media Operations Manager for Microsoft Mobile” koju možete ispod pročitati.

“We are sorry that some of you have been inconvenienced by this situation. We’ve identified some models of Lumia 535 are presenting different anomalies on the touchscreen performance. It manifests itself in several ways:”

  • Functionality of the scroll up/down and swipe left/right functions.
  • Scrolling up/down or swiping left/right can result in an app or link being activated unintentionally.
  • Functionality of the zoom in/out feature can be compromised if the user’s fingers are less than 20 mm apart.
  • Text editing, particularly at speed, can result in characters being missed.
  • ‘Ghost touch’ – use of the touchscreen in wet/moist conditions.
  • If the user’s fingers are wet or the atmosphere is damp (i.e. entering a warm room from cold outdoors) buttons on the touchscreen can be activated unintentionally.

“An OTA (over the air) software update has been deployed in 23rd of December 2014, solving most of the problems but certainly not for all customers.”

“Our Technical Support Operations team here in Finland, as well as the engineering teams in the US and China have the matter under investigation marked as urgent priority, in the meantime please use the troubleshooting offered by my colleagues in this thread.”

“When our colleagues in the engineering team have identified the cause of the conflict, we will provide further information, whether this is another software update or an action performed on hardware at an authorised Care Point, (at this time Care Points have not received updated info regarding this topic, thus is useless to visit them)”

“We assure you that Microsoft does take matters like this very seriously and our teams are working frantically to resolve this concern for our customers. For the time being, we can only recommend that you use the troubleshooting provided whilst we work to ensure that the situation is properly solved, and that you accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.”

U tekstu piše da su uočeni problemi koji su i nabrojani, te da i dalje njihov inženjeriski tim radi na otklanjanju tih grešaka. Koliko nam je poznato Lumije 535 s novom revidiranom verzijom hardvera ( ne pate od problema kojeg imaju uređaji ranije verzije hardvera ( Nadamo se da će za dobrobit prodaje ovog ultimativnog low end modela nadogradnja stići što prije.

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