MixRadio sklopio partnerstvo s HTC-om; stižu Android i iOS aplikacije


Mixradio je danas objavio da svoj glazbeni servis širi na Android i iOS te je sklopljeno strateško partnerstvo s HTC-om. Nakon što je Line od Microsofta preuzeo Nokijin bivši glazbeni servis MixRadio, bilo je za očekivati kako će se ova aplikacija ubrzo pojaviti i na iOS-u i na Androidu.

MixRadio baza podataka sadržava 35 milijuna pjesama raspoređenih u 12.500 mikseva, odnosno osobnih radio stanica. Ova velika baza podataka bit će integrirana u HTC-ov BlinkFeed, a HTC i MixRadio će zajedno raditi na promidžbi usluge i uređaja. Objavu za medije možete pročitati u nastavku.

 (13:00 EST, New York) MixRadio, the personalized music streaming service, is today launching its acclaimed product to a huge new global audience by expanding across Android and IOS platforms and announcing a new partnership with HTC.

Previously owned by Microsoft and Nokia and available only on Windows Phone, MixRadio’s recent acquisition by one of the world’s fastest growing mobile messaging service, LINE, means the service is now unleashed on Android and IOS platforms. The co-marketing opportunities with LINE presented to MixRadio through the partnership will help drive international growth

MixRadio CEO Jyrki Rosenberg comments: “We’re excited to be bringing our personalized and easy-touse music streaming service to a huge new audience. For many people this will be the first time they have been able to experience MixRadio; we’re confident they will love the simplicity of the experience and the quality of the personalization we deliver. We cut out the clutter between the listener and the music they love, helping them enjoy, discover and rediscover great music.

We are already available in 31 countries and have been developing and improving our personalized music offering over many years, meaning we combine the benefits of having a heritage in the space with the excitement of launching a new product. We will also continue to deliver a great service to existing users on Windows Phone.”

Today also brings the announcement of a major new co-marketing partnership with HTC. MixRadio will exclusively provide music updates for HTC’s BlinkFeed, providing personalized music news tailored to the users’ music tastes.

MixRadio has enjoyed consistently high consumer satisfaction scores and positive media reviews. It has developed its own personalization engine and analyzed billions of data points from listeners around the world, allowing it to deliver an unparalleled personalization experience. The one touch ‘MyMix’ feature brings a highly tailored stream of music that learns the music listeners like, to bring them more music they love from a catalogue of over 35 million tracks.

MixRadio also offers thousands of curated mixes created by a global team of music experts, and by international stars. As a mobile first music service, MixRadio understands the importance of off lining mixes. Unlike many free music streaming services, MixRadio lets users listen to offline mixes on the move.

MixRadio will maintain and develop existing partnerships with adidas, powering the music for the adidas MiCoach Smart Run watch, and Harman Kardon, being fully integrated into the Harman Kardon Omni speakers offering a seamless personalized home audio experience.