Nokijin #HERE live traffic od sada dostupan u 50 država


Nokijina usluga HERE live trafiic od sada je dostupna u 50 država širom svijeta uz još bolju preciznost pokrivenosti cesta. “In our pursuit to bring comprehensive live traffic coverage to the whole world, we are pleased to announce we now have 50 countries ticked off the list. We have significantly expanded our coverage in the Middle East, adding live traffic data to Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar. In addition, we’ve just extended our European coverage with live traffic in Bulgaria and Romania. Not only have we expanded our real-time traffic coverage, but HERE has added innovative new features to further enhance the product. Take for example, reversible express lane coverage. In certain metropolitan areas these types of express lanes, where the direction of the lane can change depending on, say, rush hour or congestion, HERE Real Time Traffic updates the direction of traffic flow. Not only does it keep the driver informed but it also allows them to make more intelligent routing choices based on this information.” 

Mada se neki dan baš ova opcija baš i nije dokazala u Splitu, što dokazuje slika ispod, u većini slučajeva je precizna. O tome tko je kriv i zakazao u ovom slučaju moglo se bi dosta pričati.

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Druga važna stvar je da je vodeća analitička kuća Ovum koja je specijalizirana za IT, telekomunikacije i medije, dala priznanje Nokiji odnosno HERE Odjelu za mapiranje i prometne podatke u najnovijem polugodišnjem izvješću “Location Platform Index”. HERE Odjel je dobio ocjenu 8,02 i postao broj jedan u pružanju osnovnih lokacijskim usluga.

Neha Dharia, Senior Analyst at Ovum

“HERE’s customer footprint spans the automotive, enterprise and consumer domains, giving it tremendous reach. That and its high score for completeness places HERE firmly in the Leaders category of Ovum’s Location Platform Index”.


U nastavku bacite oko na službeno izvješće:

HERE expands its leading real-time traffic coverage to 50 countries

Berlin, Germany – HERE, a Nokia company, today announced that it is expanding its real-time traffic service to 50 countries, from the current 44.

Next month, HERE will add Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar to a growing footprint of live traffic data in the Middle East, giving it the most comprehensive traffic coverage in the Gulf region today. In addition, HERE just expanded its European coverage by adding Bulgaria and Romania.

“The expansion of HERE’s traffic coverage to 50 countries confirms its position as one of the key global players in the traffic market,” said Stephen Longden, the author of automotive consultancy SBD’s annual Traffic Guide. “The Middle East in particular is a hot spot for connected car activities and has seen strong growth of navigation and traffic services.”

“In addition to traffic, HERE is leading the way in the rise of additional non-traffic information that impacts on in-car navigation,” added Longden. “Data on factors like parking availability, fuel prices, EV charging points and the weather are being offered by HERE for use by in-car navigation and infotainment systems.”

In addition to the broader HERE Real Time Traffic coverage, HERE continues to add innovative features to enhance the product, including reversible express lane coverage and traffic safety warnings.

HERE Real Time Traffic is the only traffic service on the market today that updates the direction of traffic flow on metropolitan reversible express lanes, allowing drivers to make more intelligent routing choices.

Traffic safety warnings prompt drivers to slow down in anticipation of a quickly building traffic jam ahead, often before it becomes visible.

“HERE Real Time Traffic is the most comprehensive, global traffic service commercially available on the market today,” said Tony Belkin, Director of Traffic and Dynamic Content for HERE. “With HERE Real Time Traffic, Predictive Traffic, Traffic Patterns and Analytics, HERE is clearly leading the industry in advanced traffic content and services.”

HERE Real Time Traffic provides up-to-the-minute information about current traffic conditions and incidents that could cause delays, including slower than normal traffic flow, road works and accidents. It then helps drivers make the best decision about the rest of the journey by improving the accuracy of arrival times.

To ensure the information is available 24 hours a day, real-time data are collected and updated every 60 seconds from a broad range of sources, including billions of speed probes taken from cars and mobile devices every day. HERE offers 100% coverage of roads with pinpoint accuracy down to 10-metres when traffic data are combined with HERE’s industry-leading map.

HERE traffic data are built on a highly intelligent traffic engine that incorporates advanced routing technologies, analytics, predictive services and the input of a highly trained traffic monitoring team. HERE also has the largest delivery portfolio in the industry, offering the most ways to get traffic to its customers – whether over radio broadcast channels or web connections.

For more information, please visit the HERE 360 blog.

HERE 360/Ovum