Video: Vizija Satye Nadelle za Microsoft


Satya Nadella je nakon događaja sa predstavljanjem novih uređaja 06. listopada dao intervju novinaru The Verge -a u kojem objašnjava kako im je Windows 10 pomogao stvoriti ono što on naziva “mobilni uređaj plus”, jer to je puno više nego od samog telefona.

“I want us to do something unique here and the unique capability comes by the way thanks to Windows 10. And the fact that Windows 10 runs on it makes it very capable. Makes it possible for you to not only have a fantastic phone, but you can change its form and function by tethering it to a keyboard and a screen and it’s a PC-like experience. In emerging markets this is the phone I would want. This is the only computing device in the mobile-only countries that I talk about. But I don’t want to be just mobile only. I want to be mobile plus. And this is a mobile plus device to me. It really helps us expand even more what is considered today mobile.”

Još kada bi objasnio kako namjerava podignuti tržišni udio Lumia uređaja sa 3% sve to bi bilo idealno.